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OneNet provides a safe and secure generative AI solution from Grizzly AI for clients seeking to improve their knowledge workers’ productivity. A very high rate of return can be earned from their using Grizzly AI as a ‘force multiplier’ in their daily tasks.

Introducing Grizzly AI

The Grizzly AI software leverages OpenAI’s world-leading AI model with outstanding usability.  The software is affordable, low-touch, easy-to-use and just works ‘right out of the box’.

No integration or training is needed. No cost or delays to implement. There is a free seven-day trial available to test it out. There is now no excuse to not start your firm’s generative AI journey with OneNet and Grizzly AI.

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AI that finds the answers for you

Halve your workload with our AI-powered Document Analyst

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Bring AI to your Knowledge Base

To keep pace, team members need tools that provide them the right information, at the right time.

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How Grizzly AI Can Generate 500% Plus Return on Investment for Your Business

How to Get Started Safely and Securely in Generative AI with Grizzly AI

How Businesses Can Boost Knowledge Worker Productivity With Grizzly AI

How Grizzly AI Can Help You Come Up With More Innovative Ideas

How Grizzly AI Can help You Make Better Business Decisions

Innovation is in our DNA. We pioneered cloud computing in New Zealand two decades ago and have transitioned hundreds of businesses to cloud services over the last 20 years. With such a wealth of innovation and experience you can trust us to be your cloud partner.

Today, we work with hundreds of organisations throughout Australasia, and offer a complete range of cloud services from Public Cloud, Desktop as a Service, Managed IaaS, Backup and Disaster Recovery to Office 365. Our secure, robust cloud platform is located across four data centres in Auckland, Hamilton, Sydney and Melbourne. Beyond core cloud services we also work with clients on Advanced Analytics, Big Data, and Digitisation services.

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eBook: 9 Steps to Reducing your Cloud Spend

eBook: 9 Steps to Strengthening your Organisation's IT Security

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