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Email is the most vital communication tool in business today. Microsoft Exchange email is the world’s leading platform for business communication and collaboration, with more than 470 million mailboxes worldwide.

The cost of implementing and maintaining a stable and reliable email and group collaboration service can prove to be prohibitively expensive. There is no competitive advantage to be gained from your owning and managing email servers in-house. Uncertain costs and the need for skilled personnel mitigate against it.  Two principal email-outsourcing options exist, namely, an in-country hosted Microsoft Exchange solution or Microsoft’s Office 365 solution. If actual or potential customisation, system integration, data sovereignty or local support are important to you, it is likely that an in-country hosted Microsoft Exchange solution will address your challenge.

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Business benefits

The cost of setting up a hosted version of Exchange email is minimal. It allows your business to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using the OneNet’s hardware, infrastructure, and personnel.  All services that your business will require, from hardware redundancy, data redundancy, to managed support, is factored into a low, monthly rate. 

You will receive specialised technical support 24/7 directly from OneNet. If there are any problems with the services’ functionality, OneNet is able to address and resolve your issues immediately. 

With OneNet’s hosted Exchange, the secure connection between your Outlook client and the Exchange server surpasses the standards for all the major security requirements. There is standard spam and virus filtering with every mailbox. 

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Hosted Email in Detail

OneNet solution

OneNet’s Hosted Exchange email solution allows businesses, both large or small, to utilize enterprise-class level messaging in order to access emails and notes on your PC or device from anywhere in the world, with a few clicks from any web browser. 

OneNet enables organisations of all sizes to utilise the enterprise-class messaging, mobility, collaboration and group scheduling features offered by Microsoft Exchange email without the need to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure and licenses.

Your Exchange email solution is hosted in OneNet’s New Zealand-based data centres.  Support for your hosted Microsoft email is provided by OneNet’s own New Zealand-based Service Desk.  OneNet supports, secures, patches, monitors and backs up data on its own infrastructure. 

OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange email service is the most effective solution for enabling employees to share information and work together productively.

Technical solution

OneNet’s Hosted Exchange email service is built to support security and reliability with unmatched scalability. A web-based control panel is included to enable you or your System Administrator to easily add and remove users and complete almost any Exchange-related customisations.  Additional technical features include the following:

  • Redundancy – OneNet’s Hosted Exchange email service is built on the industry-leading Microsoft Exchange platform. OneNet takes advantage of many of the enterprise-availability features that are offered by Microsoft Exchange. For example, OneNet employs a “nothing shared” architecture and database availability groups (DAGs).  This means that every component is, where possible, duplicated so that no single failure can impact the performance or availability of the service. The hosted email service is delivered from leading data centres in New Zealand and is built on OneNet’s advanced Network Critical Physical Infrastructure layer.
  • Security – The hosted email service uses industry-leading mail filtering and security delivered by Trustwave’s MailMarshal and McAfee Antivirus. Over 90% of spam email is filtered before it even reaches our email environment through OneNet’s subscription to multiple IP reputation and blacklist services. The remaining email is filtered through OneNet’s self-learning anti-spam gateway servers.  OneNet’s Hosted Exchange email service is delivered from OneNet’s robust network and security core, which is built on the same “nothing shared” architecture where all components are N+1 configured.  Enterprise-class Cisco firewalls and intrusion prevention systems continually monitor the environment and mitigate security threats. OneNet’s infrastructure is located in New Zealand Tier 3 data centres, and is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by on-site security personnel.

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