Working from Home

Businesses are in the midst of a disaster. Travel bans, supply chain crises, employee self-isolation. Are you able to keep employee productivity buoyant during these uncertain times?

For over 20 years OneNet has been enabling remote working solutions. OneNet's remote working solution transfers your employee's workspace to the cloud, enabling remote access to company files, data, and programs - in a functional and secure interface.

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The Solution

OneNet's remote working solution delivers your employees the same interface they are used to but in a way that protects sensitive company data. All company data is stored in the cloud, not on employees' personal devices. As processing is performed on centralised servers in a state of the art data center, OneNet's solution can be delivered on devices with very minimal specifications - removing the need to supply your workforce with costly hardware.

Business Benefits

OneNet's remote working solution uses proven technology to deliver employees a modern workspace while addressing the need for agility, control, and security. 

Utilising over 20 years of expertise and economies of scale, OneNet's Remote Working Solution offers a simple-to-manage, scalable, secure environment providing the following business benefits: 


  • Rapid and trouble-free deployment 
  • 24/7 New Zealand based support desk 
  • Minimal hardware requirements removes the need for expensive laptops
  • Backups of company data are automatically addressed as part of the solution
  • Security is “baked in” as part of the solution
  • Users are able to be added and removed as your requirements change
  • Monthly pricing transforms IT spend from large capital-expenditure to operational-expenditure 
  • Employees can access modern collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom within the solution 


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