Infrastructure and data centres

OneNet carefully selects class-leading providers of the technology components required to build its own trans-Tasman cloud.

Long-term relationships are developed with those strategic technology partners, with OneNet team members holding many advanced vendor specialty technical certifications. Each strategic technology partner provides different key building block components for OneNet’s computing cloud. The long-term partnerships enable OneNet’s team of engineers to gain industry certifications in each respective provider’s technology, as well as benefit from deep experience with the various combinations of technology.

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Third party hyper-scale clouds

OneNet provides cloud computing management services for Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Amazon’s Web Services cloud.  The two world-leading third party hyper-scale clouds are balanced with OneNet’s own computing cloud to meet OneNet’s client requirements.  The relative weighting of deployments over the three clouds will depend upon the type of work-load, required performance, cost and client management criteria. With access to both public and private clouds, OneNet can provide your business a truly cloud agnostic solution tailored to your specific needs. 



Data centres

OneNet co-locates its cloud computing equipment in five locations in New Zealand and Australia. Co-location means that OneNet rents the floor space on which its equipment is located. The data centre provider delivers secure streams of electricity, cooling and telecommunications connectivity.  The data centre provider is also responsible for ensuring that those resources are always available. Physical security is also their responsibility.

OneNet owns all of the servers, storage and communications equipment, as well as all of the intellectual property, required to provide OneNet’s cloud services. OneNet provides its cloud services from data centres located at Silverdale and Orbit Drive, Auckland, Te Rapa, Hamilton, and Equinix Data Centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

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